• STOYANOV Stanimir
    Oenologist Βουλγαρία

More than 15 years, wine is a way of life for him. Chief Enologist and Prodction Manager in Lovico Suhindol and Svishtov Winery, but also consultant in the field of oenology. He has worked in various wine projects in Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. He is currently chairman of the Union of oenologists in Bulgaria, organizer of Enoforum Bulgaria (the largest oenological symposium in Bulgaria), Vinobalkanika (firs international wine competition for wines made from local grape varieties), Bulgarian Wine Weekend and others. He is a member of the tasting committee of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine Contest Bucharest, Chisinau Wines&Spirits Contest, Oenoforum Chech Republuc and Vinaria in Bulgaria. Stanimir is very keen to work with Bulgarian local grape varieties and the unique character of the Bulgarian wines.